Focus Membership

We will no longer be taking NEW sign-ups for the Focus Membership. If you currently have one, you are good until you cancel it. If your membership was active the entire time, you'll have a +1 for an additional 14 months OR you can cancel and your membership will remain active for 14 months minus any time past June. For example, You cancel in August, you will have a year of membership time left.

Covid 19 Update (March 2020)
We sincerely appreciate everyone that is keeping their membership active through this. As a small way to thank you for your dedication & love, we are planning gifting everyone an additional membership for 2x as long as this last. If however you need to cancel your membership, here's the easiest way to do it, or you can email us and we'll happily help you -

Friday Focus Membership (Good every Friday Commissary)
$25 + $1.50 SVC Fee per month ($6.11 a week)

1 Year Friday Focus Membership
(1 time charge good for an entire year every Friday night)
$295 for 1 year ($5.63 per event)

1 Year Focus 365 Membership
(1 time charge good for an entire year every Friday and all remaining Tuesdays)
$350 for 1 year ($3.37 per event)

Tuesday memberships are no longer available.
If you have one, it will still be valid, but no more will be sold.